David Ojo is a Texas Real Estate Agent & Investor in the Dallas Texas area.

As a former Mechanical Engineer and Program Manager, David left his six-figure corporate career in September 2023 to pursue his passion aligning with the family business of real estate.

What I Do:

  • Realtor & Investor: Specializes in helping clients relocate and purchase within the Texas area while helping others grow wealth through residential and commercial real estate
  • Educator: Teaches first-time homebuyers, investors, and entrepreneurs how to navigate the real estate market and make more informed decisions.
  • Content Creator: Provides actual & actionable insights and tips on real estate through engaging content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Community Builder: Connects younger real estate investors with seasoned professionals to facilitate knowledge transfer and successful collaborations.

My Results:

  • Owned 5 properties by the age of 25
  • Multi-Million Producing Agent in Texas
  • Attained 15K followers across social media platforms by providing value to the younger generation
  • Turned multiple families from renters to homeowners and eventually investors
  • Provides consistent client satisfaction and repeat business fueling the family business